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Remembrance Day importance

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In my family, Remembrance Day was always one of the most important days of the year.

We gather at the Shubenacadie Cenotaph, where we proudly watch our grandmother walk with the Honour Guard, serving her role as a member of the Ladies’ Auxiliary for more than 40 years, and the proud wife and sister of Veterans.

Afterwards, cookies and hot chocolate to warm up was always welcomed at the Legion.

A few years ago,  I started joining my Nanny Pearle as she on behalf of the Auxiliary placed flags at the gravestones of Veterans who have passed. It’s something the Shubenacadie Legion has done for years and as one of a dozen grandchildren, it’s become a special day where I get the one on one time we all crave with Nan.

The first year, I don’t think the impact of what we were doing really sunk in. Sure, I knew it was an extra way to honour the fallen, and those who were lucky enough to come home and lead long, wonderful lives. The second year, Nanny told me a story that really set how I remember on a different path. It changed from me knowing I had family who served, to knowing that I had family willing to give their all for my future.

I won’t retell the story, I’ll  add a link to a special column I wrote about it if anyone cares to have a read.

Last year, I hooked a rug that I poured love and sentiment into. One of my best friends, Danielle Shreenan, is an amazingly talented artist. She works across many mediums, from graphic design, to sketching, to paint, to clay.

When she completed the clay project shown, we knew it had potential to be a beautiful rug.


Amazing right?

Danielle has drawn many patterns for me, both custom and those–including this one–which are available exclusively at Under the Rug.


I just hope I did it as much justice as I could.

Here is a link to the column which shares just part of my Grandfather’s story.

A few inches and a world of difference

I encourage you all to take part in a Remembrance Day service this weekend to honour Veterans past and present, and to give thanks for their sacrifices.


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