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The “cardinal”rule

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Last year, I would only catch glimpses of red, as a cardinal started to scope out our home and bird feeders.

Since moving to our home, I’ve loved seeing all of the different kinds of birds, from finches to chickadees galore, to large birds of prey including eagles and ospreys. This past summer we were fortunate enough to even have a Kingfisher spend some time with us and yes Halifax Hookers, I thought of you all fondly every time he appeared.

I must admit however, I have such a soft spot for cardinals, the bright red cannot be denied of its beauty. And, much to our surprise this year, it seems my cardinal friend has brought along his mate. For weeks, my camera and long lens stays close at hand for when they appear, but the timid birds are quite elusive and stay deep within the branches of the rhododendron bush in my front yard.

But this afternoon in the stillness, they sat proudly out, as I crouched and hid to zoom in on them unnoticed.

Who knows, maybe there’s a pattern in these pictures someday!


Enjoy my feathered friends!


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