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The magical dye pots of Ankie

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When I decided to start this blog, I knew immediately one of my first posts had to be about my biggest supporters, the one, the only, Ankie Fisher.

If you’ve bought a piece of dyed wool from me, there’s a 99.9 per cent chance that it was in Ankie’s dye pots.

I’m a fairly simple person. Some of my favourite things are a good walk with my partner and pups, a good meal, being active, and the ding of a message from Ankie telling me to stop by, she had been in her dye pots.

The woman can only be described as a superstar. Starting a business, no matter how small you might be, is utterly terrifying. It was refreshing and such a relief to know I was already starting on second base because Ankie had agreed to continue to dye for the shop. Essentially, the transition of starting up under my new ownership was made a lot less scary than it could have been because Kathy and Ankie had already created such a brand of quality.

It’s not only the wool, she helps me stay on top of the trends, she talks me off ledges, and even though I’m surrounded by one of the best support systems a girl could ask for, knowing Ankie is in my corner gives me a lot of confidence that I’m on the right track. That isn’t a quality just I benefit from, she’s the first one to offer colour advice, to help with pattern tips, and show us all the newest craft she’s tackled.

With Ankie, I can drop off a wish list, an array of natural to coloured wools and pick up spectacular baskets full. Often, this “hand-off” happens at the group in Shubenacadie, and most of it doesn’t make it back to the shop.

To say that I’m appreciative of all she does for me doesn’t even begin to cover the gratitude I have for her! I’m not sure I’ll ever find a way to truly pay it back to her.

But, if there’s one thing I do know about her, it’s that she shies away from too much attention. Because of that, I’ll keep it short and sweet. Thank you, Ankie, for being swept Under the Rug with me!

I’m going to let some of these colours speak for themselves!

As always, call, text, email or message to come to the shop to check out all these colours in person.



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