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Welcome to the new blog!

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It’s about time!

When I opened the shop more than two years ago, I had the best of intentions to start a blog. I thought, ‘Oh, I’m a writer, a blog is no problem!’

Cue life. A blog seemed like just one more thing on my plate. However, for months, the notion never left my wish list, was always in the back of my mind and it was time to make this a reality.

It can be overwhelming to start something new, no matter how little or big it may be. But here we are! Here, I’ll share news, tips, life, and more, so nothing is off limits. I’ll do my best to focus on hooking.

So, I thought for my first post, maybe we should go back to the basics and do an introduction.

I’ve been hooking for more than 15 years. I started as a teenager and even though college and the beginning of my career had my loom see more of the back of my closet than anything else, I never lost the love of the art.

I was extremely spoiled in that time, former owner Kathy is a dear family friend, and also the mom of my closest friend in the world. If I was in hooking need, I wasn’t without for long. Then, when the opportunity to take over the business from her arose, and we made the decision that I should go for it.

Not going to lie, a lot of the time it’s scary to have a full time career that’s quite intense on it’s own and to take on a small business. Perhaps naive isn’t strong enough of a word for what I was. (Hence the blog taking more than two years to launch)

In saying that, it’s been two of the most rewarding years of my life! I’ve proven that I can take on a lot and that hey-maybe this journalist has a couple more tricks up her sleeve.

I’ll try to check in often! Perhaps send me an email, or a message on facebook with topics you’d like me to discuss!



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